Cloud applications for everyone.

Choose from hundreds of different apps. Get up and running in minutes.

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A range of benefits

Everyone should have access to low cost, private, and self-hosted software.

No experts needed

The CodeZero platform makes it possible for users to manage clouds without technical expertise.

Choose from hundreds of apps

The CodeZero Marketplace offers hundreds of apps to mix and match, reducing business costs and securing your data.

How It Works

Set up a hosting provider of your choice

You'll need a cloud hosting provider or an on-premises computing environment to use CodeZero. Set one up yourself, or allow us to set one up for you. The first time you sign up to CodeZero you'll be guided through the process.

Install and manage applications using a visual interface

The CodeZero Marketplace provides many alternatives to popular commercial software such as Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox, for a fraction of the cost.

Scale with your business

Meet the demands of your growing operations while only paying for what you need by conveniently adjusting storage, processing power, and more.

Private and secure

You own your data. Set permissions for your team members and monitor how your cloud is being used.

App Marketplace

Find, install, and manage cloud apps as easily as using an iPad.

Whatever your business needs, there's an app for that. Plus, only pay for the app usage and scale that you need to greatly reduce your operational costs.

Are you a Developer?

Package and distribute your containerized apps for Kubernetes in the CodeZero Marketplace.

Easily build self-hosted apps that everyday users are unable to access today. Allow everyone to easily find, purchase, install, and manage your apps for self-hosting - as easily as using the App Store on your iPad.


What Does It Cost?

The CodeZero platform is free!

Only pay for the apps you use, many of which have free editions, great for individuals and small businesses.