The New Developer Reality

Codezero is at the forefront of microservices development, employing an identity-aware overlay network that delivers zero-trust security to DevOps. By pioneering the use of dynamic Teamspaces, Codezero facilitates unparalleled collaboration, freeing DevOps teams from the complexities of infrastructure management and the pitfalls of passwords and secrets while still enabling them to use their preferred tools within a secure, streamlined ecosystem.

At Codezero, our mission is clear: Code Boldly!

Meet The Codezero Team


Reed Clayton

Co-Founder & CEO

Reed is an entrepreneurial, highly creative, multi-talented leader and advisor with over 20 years of experience.

As a startup Executive with multiple exits and an active member of the Pacific Northwest startup community, Reed appreciates the complexities of bringing new products to new markets.

Narayan Sainaney

Narayan Sainaney

Co-Founder & CTO

Narayan loves the intersection of technology and business strategy. He has a passion for all things technology, and his motto is: if it runs on silicon, I can master it. With a career spanning desktop applications, web, mobile, and cloud computing, Narayan has shipped products running on numerous platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, AWS, Azure).

David 2

David Shore

Co-Founder & President

David is a visionary entrepreneur and finance expert with a deep focus on the tech sector, renowned for guiding companies to enhance their value for successful exits.  David was pivotal in growing, a connected car platform, reaching over 1 million subscribers and securing $75M in financing, leading to a valuation surpassing $200M. 

David Appelbaum-1

David Appelbaum

Acting CMO

David is a seasoned software-marketing executive with over two decades experience growing enterprise software start-up companies, turnarounds, and brand rehabilitation. He is an award winning innovator in the use of social media and digital marketing for business. In his career he’s had several IPOs both in the US and in Europe, as well as multiple and acquisitions.  He has focused across a variety of technology areas including data management, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure management, mobile, and marketing technology.

Georg- Friedrich-1

Georg Friedrich

Vice President of Engineering

Georg’s experience spans more than 20 years of software development roles in industries ranging from printing to online fundraising and e-commerce.

His journey includes co-founding Germany’s largest online donation platform, and scaling an online marketplace from startup to IPO.

John Poyser-1-1

John Poyser

Senior Director of Client Success

John is an experienced technology leader with a passion for customer success. For over 25 years, he has helped organizations design and transform their technical architectures and platforms to support strategic and operational goals.

John has a strong background in both technology and business strategy and has been involved in multiple acquisitions and helped bring multiple products to market. 

Team Advisors

Matt Abrams

Codezero Board Chair | Formerly: Hyperion, Oracle, Seven Peaks Ventures

Michael Setticasi

VP Strategic Partnerships Thoughtspot | Formerly: Data Robot, Alteryx, SAP

Marty Weiner

Angel Investor | Formerly: Founding Engineer, Pinterest, CTO Reddit

Sudhir Reddy

CTO, | Formerly: Oracle, Chef, Intuit

Nick Caldwell

CPO, Peloton, Board Member, Hubspot | Formerly: CPO Looker, GM Twitter, GM PowerBI Microsoft

Kris Bondi

CEO Mimoto | Formerly: Heavybit, Bitnami,

Jim Routh

Board Member, Advisor & Investor | Formerly: CSO for AETNA, JP Morgan, Chase, KPMG, & American Express

Jeff Klink

VP Eng. & Cloud, Sera4 | Formerly: SoftLayer, IBM Cloud

Gary Roshak

CEO, V-Satcast, Inc. | Formerly: Kymeta, Mojio

Discover how Codezero eliminates Kubernetes challenges, streamlines testing, and enhances code quality in a sharable secure environment.