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Need clarification?

What is a Teamspace?

Codezero is an overlay network that empowers development teams to turn Kubernetes clusters into Teamspaces. A Teamspace is a collaborative development environment where developers can locally Consume services discoverable in a Service Catalog. Services featured in the catalog operate either within the Kubernetes cluster, or on a team member's local machine.

What is Consume?

With Codezero developers can consume services that are deployed within the cluster. Consume makes cluster services available on the developer's machine.

What is Serve?

Developers can Serve local Variants of services through the service catalog to other team members.

Local Variants need not be containerized. They are simply services running on a local port but through the service catalog appear like they are deployed to the Kubernetes cluster. Developers can, therefore, use preferred local tooling like IDEs, debuggers, profilers and test tools (e.g. Postman) during the development process.

What happens after I sign up?

When you sign up, you start on a 30-day trial of the Team plan. After 30 days, you’ll be automatically switched to a Free account. You can also upgrade or switch plans at any time on your billing page.

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