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The Evolution of DevOps with Modern Tooling -

As businesses strive for agility and scalability, the need for efficient development practices in multi-cloud environments has never been more crucial. Join Narayan Sainaney (@codezeroio CTO) and Dinesh Majrekar (Civo CTO) to learn about local development in a multi-cloud scenario with Civo and Codezero. Plus, get an introduction to how ephemeral environments can enhance agility, reduce overheads, and provide a more flexible approach to tackling development challenges.

Experience Omni Dev with Codezero with Narayan Sainaney - Navigate Europe 23

Join Narayan Sainaney, co-founder and CTO of Codezero, as he unveils the groundbreaking concept of Omni-development on Kubernetes.

How not to run everything locally: Using Civo and Codezero to replace docker-compose -Mark Allen 2

Revolution in Development: Mark Allen's Codezero & Kubernetes Top Tips - Navigate Europe 23

Mark Allen, a developer evangelist from DevCycle, shares his expertise and insights on revolutionizing local development environments. Diving into his journey from Docker Compose to Code Zero and Kubernetes, Allen unfolds the challenges and solutions in creating efficient, easy-to-use development setups.

Backend Development with Codezero's Desktop App

Join AJ as he demonstrates using Codezero's Desktop app to accelerate and assist with backend development.

Frontend and Backend Realtime Collaboration with Codezero

Join AJ and Grant as they showcase real-time collaboration between a frontend and backend developer using Codezero.

Frontend Development Profiles in Codezero

Join Narayan as he goes over creating Development Profiles in Codezero as part of a collaboration workflow.

Backend Development with Codezero

Join Grant as he walks through a backend developer workflow using Intercept and Teleport. 

Frontend Development with Codezero

Join Narayan as he walks through a frontend developer workflow using Teleport.