Announcing Codezero General Availability

Unlock the full value of Cloud Native Computing with Codezero's new approach to Developing, Deploying, and Managing containerized applications. Increase developer velocity and collaborate seamlessly with Halyard. Get started now!

At Codezero, we believe that modern DevOps practices are key to unlocking the full value of Cloud Native Computing.

Halyard” is a new approach to Developing, Deploying and Managing containerized applications that run in any Kubernetes environment.

With v 1.1.0 of Halyard, Codezero delivers the following features to developers:


Access in-cluster workload environment variables on local workstation.
Resolve and send requests to in-cluster services from local workstation.


Route in-cluster service request to local workstation based on:

  • No discriminator (all traffic)
  • Default discriminator (header x-c6o-intercept:yes)
  • Custom discriminator (header key:value)

Volume Mounting

Access in-cluster workload volumes on local workstation

Halyard increases developer velocity by allowing the developer to:

  • Eliminate time spent setting up local configuration to work with a Development Environment
  • Skip the time consuming Deploy step in the Development Cycle and be able to Test and Debug locally
  • Intercept requests sent to any Environment to the local Workstation for diagnosis
  • Access state of various in-cluster Workloads on the local Workstation for diagnosis
  • Use development profiles set up by the resident Kubernetes expert
  • Collaborate with other team members without having to deploy services to the cluster or affecting other users
  • Reduce the difference in configuration across Environments thereby, reducing the likelihood of configuration related issues
  • Use sessions to track any residue added to the cluster so the cluster can be restored to its original state when the session is closed
  • Install applications in Kubernetes interactively without knowing any YAML

Get Started

Install the czctl CLI now: npm install -g @c6o/cli

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