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Announcing Codezero General Availability

Read Time 2 mins | Feb 9, 2024 7:46:55 AM | Written by: Lawrie Gaffney

At Codezero, we believe that modern DevOps practices are key to unlocking the full value of Cloud Native Computing.

Halyard” is a new approach to Developing, Deploying and Managing containerized applications that run in any Kubernetes environment.

With v 1.1.0 of Halyard, Codezero delivers the following features to developers:


Access in-cluster workload environment variables on local workstation.
Resolve and send requests to in-cluster services from local workstation.


Route in-cluster service request to local workstation based on:

  • No discriminator (all traffic)
  • Default discriminator (header x-c6o-intercept:yes)
  • Custom discriminator (header key:value)

Volume Mounting

Access in-cluster workload volumes on local workstation

Halyard increases developer velocity by allowing the developer to:

  • Eliminate time spent setting up local configuration to work with a Development Environment
  • Skip the time consuming Deploy step in the Development Cycle and be able to Test and Debug locally
  • Intercept requests sent to any Environment to the local Workstation for diagnosis
  • Access state of various in-cluster Workloads on the local Workstation for diagnosis
  • Use development profiles set up by the resident Kubernetes expert
  • Collaborate with other team members without having to deploy services to the cluster or affecting other users
  • Reduce the difference in configuration across Environments thereby, reducing the likelihood of configuration related issues
  • Use sessions to track any residue added to the cluster so the cluster can be restored to its original state when the session is closed
  • Install applications in Kubernetes interactively without knowing any YAML

Get Started

Install the czctl CLI now: npm install -g @c6o/cli

Try Codezero for free.

Lawrie Gaffney