Codezero joins Equinix Metal Partner Ecosystem

Codezero has joined the Equinix Metal Partner Ecosystem to enhance productivity on Kubernetes. Discover how this partnership benefits developers and enables global scalability and availability. Try Codezero on Equinix Metal today!

Codezero’s mission is to help Developers be 10x more productive on Kubernetes, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined the Equinix Metal Partner Ecosystem alongside a huge roster of other Kubernetes and Hybrid-Multi Cloud projects and companies.

We’ll admit that we didn’t know a great deal about Equinix until we met the folks at Equinix Metal and learned of Equinix’s 20 year history of creating neutral partner led ecosystems. The name actually stands for EQUality, Neutrality and Internet eXchange! Basically they focus on what they’re good at and enable their partners to handle the rest.

That message of course resonated for us. While we will keep adding new features to bring us closer to our vision, like the Teleport functionality in our recent GA announcement, we’d never dream of trying to deliver a full Kubernetes stack, as we know what we’re good at and what our partners do better.

While we have many different types of partners, Equinix Metal ticks a specific box for us. A recent CNCF survey showed that of companies using containers and cloud native projects in production, 51% ranked the top benefits as improved scalability and shorter deployment time, while 44% selected improved availability. Equinix provides stability and availability on a global scale, while Codezero enables developers to compress their develop, build, deploy, test cycles. Voila!

We’re excited to have entered the Equinix Metal Partner Ecosystem at this early stage, and you can expect to see much more from this partnership coming up over the next few months.

If you’d like to know more about the Equinix Metal Partner Ecosystem, be sure to check out Masood Noori’s launch blog and of course, take Codezero for a spin on Equinix Metal today.

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