Origin Story

Discover the exhilaration and stress of seeing your product take off in this blog post. Learn how the CodeZero team tackled system outages and found a better way with containerized services running on Kubernetes. Join their journey and try CodeZero for free.

One of the real joys of entrepreneurship is to see your product take off. When I say “take off”, I mean that moment you get as many thousands of new customers sign-up every single day as it took the company the past two years to acquire. I cannot begin to describe the exhilaration and the stress as you see your cloud infrastructure numbers skyrocket. As this happens, one can’t help but imagine there is a room full of servers in a data center somewhere glowing red and starting to catch on fire. Burn baby burn!

While we didn’t experience a data center fire per se, we did experience our share of system outages. Try as we might, replicating what happens to software in production in a test environment proved to be near impossible. Time and time again, we had things working smoothly under 2-3 times the expected load during testing only to have the same software crash and burn in production. When this happens, it’s all hands on deck until we are able to get things back to normal. The whole team is under tremendous pressure and each minute your cloud operations dashboards are glowing red with now-silenced alarms, can feel like an eternity. This would often go late into the night and sometimes, repeat itself day after day as traffic to our software ebbed and flowed.

Whenever this happened, the priority was to get things stabilized. One simple option is to throw boatloads of money at your cloud infrastructure provider in buying capacity and trying alternate technologies. Switching vendors mid-flight or turning away customers was not an option so we had to make do with the solutions available from our cloud vendor. We constantly felt we were putting duct tape on the software when we really needed to make fundamental architectural changes. Of course, this is not a sustainable situation – there had to be a better way.

This is when we discovered containerized services running on Kubernetes and its promise to be able to write software once, run anywhere and leverage any cloud provider to scale your business from tens of customers to tens of millions of customers. Codezero was formed to make it easy for developers to develop software seamlessly and deploy fearlessly to production in your cloud provider of choice. We have been hard at work on this exciting mission and we would be thrilled to have you be part of our journey.

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